Sheila Burkett-Luckey

Contracted Benefits Planner

Image: Headshot of Sheila Burkett-Luckey, a white woman with short brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue top under a gray cardigan sweater.

Sheila Burkett-Luckey began providing benefits planning services in 2009 to clients on her and co-workers’ caseloads while working as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor at WA. ST Dept of Services for the Blind. She understands the importance of knowing how your benefits (SSA, medical, housing, etc.) are affected by your income.


Having accurate information to make decisions about your financial and medical well-being is critical to planning for your future. As a Cornell Certified Benefits Planner, she will support you in analyzing your benefits, assist you with issues that present themselves, and provide you with information and resources that will give you knowledge to guide you through current and future decisions about work and your benefits.


She understands the differences people bring with them based on diversity and as individuals. She is a person of integrity that has a sense of curiosity, need for continuous learning, and desire to support people in moving forward towards their goals.

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