Sheila Burkett-Luckey

Contracted Benefits Planner

Image: Headshot of Sheila Burkett-Luckey, a white woman with short brown hair, brown eyes, wearing a blue top under a gray cardigan sweater.

Sheila Burkett-Luckey has been providing benefit planning services since she became certified in 2009. She worked as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for the WA ST Dept Services for the Blind from 1991-2021. Once she became certified as a benefits counselor, she provided benefit planning services to people on her caseload and to customers on co-workers’ caseloads as time permitted.

She has explained the various work incentives, the benefit of using them, helped individuals to know what ones are available to them, and how to apply for benefits with SSA (including people on child benefits who turned 18 and need to apply for adult benefits).

She is a Certified Rehab Counselor and hence is bound by a code of ethics. She believes that people who have disabilities can work and be successful at work. Knowledge is power and supplying correct and thorough information is imperative for people to make decisions about work and their benefits. As a counselor she can actively listen, analyze supplied information, problem solve, and guide people through the decision-making process.

She understands differences people bring with them based on diversity.

She is a person of integrity that has a sense of curiosity, need for continuous learning, and desire to support people in moving forward towards their goals.

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