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Title II – SSDI

This page provides resources and videos to be used to learn more about the Social Security cash benefit Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Childhood Disability Benefit (SSCDB), and more.

SSDI/CDB (Title II) Video Series (English)

SSDI/CDB (Title II) Video Series with ASL

Video Transcript

In this video series we review key information related to Title II benefits, which is sometimes referred to as ‘regular Social Security’. The most common Title II benefits BenefitU supports people with includes Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and the Childhood Disability Benefit (CDB), formerly known as Disabled Adult Child (DAC). 

Topics Covered in this series includes: Eligibility, Phases of a Title II Benefit, Benefit Amounts, Reporting Requirements, Work Incentives, Earning Thresholds and more.

To see the full list of video segments click the downward facing arrow on the video player or click the link below:

Full Title II Benefits (SSDI) Video Series

Serie de videos SSDI/CDB (Título II) (en español)

Loạt video SSDI/CDB (Tiêu đề II) (Bằng tiếng Việt)

Job Loss & SSDI

Although there are many questions about how Title II benefits are impacted when someone gets a raise or a new job, it’s also helpful to understand how Title II benefits may be impacted, as well as reporting requirements if someone leaves or loses a job. The video above provides information that will bring you up to speed on what to do in these situations.

Navigating Social Security

Navegando por el Seguro Social 

Điều hướng an sinh xã hội

If you’re new to Social Security benefits this may be a good place to start. This video provides an overview of the benefit determination, where to apply for SSA benefits, and what to include when applying for Social Security benefits.

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