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The Benefits of Benefit Planning

Why is Benefit Planning Important?

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Social Security and disability related benefits can be challenging. If you feel uncertain about your benefits or how a new opportunity may change your benefits, you may want to consider talking to a benefits planner.

Here are a few reasons why Benefit Planning is valuable:


Dispelling Myths

There are countless myths and urban legends when it comes to Social Security and disability related benefits, especially about work and wages. A benefit planner can ensure you have accurate information that fits your unique situation and goals.


Getting Clear About Your Benefits

It’s not uncommon for people to be unclear on not only how their benefits work, but also which benefits they are currently receiving. When you know how your Social Security benefits work, you can make informed decisions about your future and opportunities that come your way.


Making Employment and Benefits Work for You

Some of the most common misconceptions about benefits are related to the ability to work and maintain essential supports. A Benefit Planner can help you look at your current situation or future goals and consider your options for growth while still maintaining key benefits that allow you to be successful when needed. 

Exploring Savings Options to Build Wealth

It’s a common misconception that people receiving Social Security and disability related benefits are not able to save money for the future. A benefit planner can help connect you with options for savings strategies that may allow you to build wealth and maintain eligibility for certain programs such as Medicaid and SSI, as well as other benefits.  

Overpayments and Benefit Loss Options

If you’ve received letters about losing benefits or overpayments and feel overwhelmed, a benefit planner can assist. They’ll review your situation, offer options, and help to ensure that you understand key timelines for resolving the issue.


Connecting to Useful Resources

Looking for additional support outside of BenefitU’s area expertise of disability related Social Security benefits? A benefits planner may be able to provide you with additional resources for organizations, services, or additional benefits that can assist you in meeting your goals.

Benefit planning and coaching is available to anyone aged 14-65 AND qualify for eligibility through Washington Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

For more information or to schedule an intake, please visit our Service Eligibility and Intake Scheduling page

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