BenefitU planners are here to help you better understand your benefits, address specific situations, and explore your options. Their role includes:

  • Navigating overpayments
  • Addressing potential loss of benefits
  • Assessing your current benefits for greater autonomy and independence.
  • Providing information on savings options like ABLE, DDETF to build wealth beyond benefit resource limits.
  • Explaining how changes in employment (new job, raise, or job loss, etc.) may affect benefits.
  • Assisting with benefits planning during major life changes such as marriage, divorce, death of a parent, retirement, or having children.
  • Exploring work incentives to support your path to stability and an quality of life
  • Answering general questions and inquiries about disability-related benefits

Please note: While our benefit planners can guide you on what to include, they generally cannot complete or submit paperwork on your behalf. Additionally, they cannot provide legal or tax advice but can refer you to appropriate resources. For more details about our services, visit the ‘Our Services’ page.

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